If you’re a brand owner with the ability to create samples of your product, have a low product costs and you want to connect with potential customers by getting your physical products into their hands, running a gift with purchase partnership campaign is the strategy you’re looking for!

Alternatively, if your product costs are higher and creating samples or minis of your products isn’t easy – you can apply everything in this guide to a gift insert campaign i.e. a discount or flyer offering a coupon for money off on your site – this is equally effective and can still generate the same results.

With ShopSwap, setting up and running a gift with purchase campaign has never been so easy.

In this guide, we’ll provide you with a step-by-step process for running a successful gift with purchase campaign through ShopSwap so that you can start sharing your products with new potential customers and generate some serious buzz!

Did you know: 79% of people have said that they’re likely to research a brand after receiving a freebie from them!

How are they done?

Gift with purchase campaigns are all about adding extra value to your partner’s customer orders while promoting your own brand and products (and vice versa). You’ll send your gifts and/or flyers to your partner for them to include in their future orders to their customers, and they’ll do the same for you!

It’s a great idea to offer your partner’s customers a discount code alongside their free gift to encourage them to make a purchase of another product of yours or a full-size version if you’ve sent them a sample. It’s a win-win situation as it benefits both you and your partner.

When it comes to deciding how to distribute the gifts and inserts, you have a few choices. You can either include your gifts in orders above a certain value, with specific products, or in all orders. This allows you to tailor the campaign according to your business goals and target audience.

Did you know: Online retailers that offer a free gift with purchase (which is less than 50% of companies!) believe that the added value of a gift will inspire repeat purchases, increase brand loyalty, and stimulate social and word-of-mouth advertising.

What do you need to set one up?

Organizing a successful gift with purchase campaign doesn’t have to be complicated! Creating your own collaborative giveaway simply involves a few key things…

Determine the gifts and discount:

Decide what gifts and coupons you’ll offer your partner’s customers and what discount you’d like to offer them to encourage purchases. Offering a discount can be a great way to reward customers to buy from you in the future, so consider making it a really generous one!

Did you know: The science behind why freebies and giveaways are so effective is because of something called ‘reciprocity’. Essentially, people tend to give back what they receive, so by giving away a free product to your customers, it’s likely that in return they’ll come back to buy something else from your business, and increase your sales and brand awareness!

Discuss email acquisition strategy:

You can also take it a step further and use this as an opportunity to grow your email list! You can create a dedicated landing page and require email submission to access the discount you’ve given out to your partner’s customers. Collecting email addresses will help you build your customer database for future marketing efforts.

Define the partnership duration:

Agree on how long the partnership will last, or the number of orders for which the gift with purchase campaign will be active! This just ensures that both you and your partner agree about the campaign timeline and can both stay organized with inventory.

The process

ShopSwap is your ultimate ally when it comes to effortlessly managing a gift with purchase campaign! Here’s the step-by-step process of how to best set up and run your campaign without a hitch:

Sign up and match with a partner:

Join ShopSwap’s network of purpose-driven DTC brands, complete your brand profile, and let us find ideal brand partners for you. Say goodbye to hours and hours of manual partner searching – we can do the matchmaking process in just a few minutes! Our advanced algorithms analyze your brand values, preferences, and goals to identify the most compatible brand partners for your business to collaborate with.

Collaborate and plan:

Use our platform to communicate with your partner brand without ever leaving the app. Discuss the campaign details, including gift offerings, discount codes, email acquisition strategies, and partnership duration. With everything in one place, you’ll have a smooth and streamlined process, making sure both you and your partner are on the same wavelength. No more confusion or wasted time! 

Ship products to your partner:

Coordinate with your partner to ship your products and/or flyers! Make sure you both have enough inventory to include in future orders for the duration of the partnership. And when shipping stock to your partner, be sure to provide clear instructions on how to include them in their orders – such as details like specific product information or any messaging you’d like to include!

Launch the campaign:

Once all the preparations are done, announce your gift with partnership campaign simultaneously on both your brand’s and your partner’s social media accounts, newsletters, and any other marketing channels you’d like to include! This is a great way to create excitement and motivate customers to make purchases to receive their gifts and take advantage of the discounts.

Monitor and communicate inventory levels:

Stay in close communication with your partner to monitor inventory levels! This ensures that both parties are aware of stock availability and can plan accordingly. Make sure you communicate any changes or updates to prevent any mishaps or issues with fulfilment.

Track results:

Track and assess the performance of your campaign using ShopSwap’s analytics and reporting features! Gain valuable insights into engagement levels, audience growth, and other essential metrics to determine what hit the mark and what didn’t – so you can make your next partnership even better.

What kind of results you can expect

There are many benefits that running a gift with purchase campaign can bring for your brand! Here are just some of the things you can look forward to:

Increased brand exposure: 

Collaborating with a partner brand allows you to tap into their existing customer base and extend your brand’s reach to a new audience! When customers make a purchase from your partner brand and receive a gift from your brand as part of the campaign, they become introduced to your products or services, increasing your brand’s visibility among a wider set of potential customers.

Enhanced customer engagement: 

Gift with purchase campaigns motivate customers to engage with your brand! By offering a valuable gift, you encourage them to take advantage of the discount code and make a purchase. This interactive experience creates excitement and encourages customers to become part of your brand community!

Did you know: 90% of consumers say a gift with a purchase increases brand loyalty

Lead generation and email acquisition: 

As mentioned earlier, gift with purchase campaigns provide an excellent opportunity to collect email addresses from interested customers. By requiring email submission to access the discount code or offering exclusive landing pages, you can expand your customer database! These leads can be leveraged for future marketing campaigns, nurturing customer relationships and driving repeat purchases.

Strengthened brand partnerships: 

Collaborating with another brand through a gift with purchase campaign fosters a sense of community and partnership. It opens doors for long-term collaborations and cross-promotional opportunities! By working closely with another brand that shares your values, you build a network of like-minded businesses that support and uplift each other.

What to do next

After running your gift with purchase campaign, it’s important to wrap things up effectively:

Evaluate results:

Analyze your campaign’s performance using ShopSwap’s analytics. Take a look at engagement metrics, conversion rates, and customer feedback to assess the campaign’s success, and then use these insights to optimize future campaigns.

Continue building partnerships:

Reflect on the success of your campaign and explore opportunities for further collaborations with your partner brand! Building strong brand partnerships can lead to long-term cross-promotional opportunities and mutual support.