As summer approaches, the stage is set for DTC brands to forge powerful partnerships and craft engaging campaigns that resonate with consumers! With a calendar brimming with upcoming holidays in the UK and USA, now is the time to collaborate and capitalize on seasonal opportunities. 

Ready to get started? Just keep reading to find out how to leverage ShopSwap to find your perfect DTC brand partner for summer campaigns!

If You Have a Campaign Idea Already…

Use ShopSwap’s Campaign Broadcast feature to connect with potential partners directly! Craft a compelling campaign pitch that highlights the benefits of collaboration and showcases your brand’s unique value proposition. Select relevant DTC brands that align with your campaign goals, and send out partnership requests to streamline the collaboration process. With Campaign Broadcast, you can efficiently reach out to potential partners and kickstart meaningful collaborations that drive results.

If You’re Starting From Scratch…

Start by discovering your ideal DTC brand partner with ShopSwap’s scoring system! Filter potential partners based on their ShopSwap Scores to ensure alignment with your brand values and campaign objectives. Whether you prioritize sustainability, innovation, or social impact, ShopSwap’s scoring system helps you find partners who share your vision and values, setting the stage for successful collaborations. And, if you need some help brainstorming, check out our ideas for each holiday below!

Memorial Day

If you’re a food brand, consider collaborating on a summer adventure essentials giveaway to kick off the season! Offer a diverse range of products such as portable snacks, picnic-friendly beverages, and grilling essentials like marinades and sauces. Include outdoor gear like picnic blankets, cooler bags, and reusable utensil sets to enhance the outdoor experience. Don’t forget eco-friendly sunscreen and hydration products to keep participants protected and refreshed during their adventures.

Father’s Day

As a lifestyle brand, teaming up for a Father’s Day BBQ kit giveaway can be a hit. Curate a selection of gourmet food items such as premium meats, artisanal sauces, and rubs to elevate Dad’s grilling game. Add in grilling accessories like spatulas, tongs, and meat thermometers to complete the kit. Consider including craft beverages such as specialty beers or cocktails to complement the BBQ experience and make it extra special for Dad.

Independence Day

If you’re in the fashion or home decor space, partnering for a patriotic fashion and home decor giveaway can resonate well with the holiday spirit. Offer USA-made apparel featuring red, white, and blue designs to show off national pride. Include sustainable accessories like tote bags or hats adorned with patriotic motifs. For home decor, curate items such as throw pillows, wall art, and tableware with patriotic themes to help participants decorate their homes for Independence Day celebrations.

Labor Day

Wellness brands can collaborate on a wellness retreat giveaway to help participants unwind and recharge over the long weekend. Provide relaxation essentials such as luxurious bath products, scented candles, and herbal teas to create a spa-like atmosphere at home. Consider adding in mindfulness tools like meditation apps or journals to encourage self-care practices. Including cozy blankets or eye masks can add an extra layer of comfort to the retreat experience.

Back to School

Lifestyle or tech brands can team up for a back-to-school essentials giveaway to help students gear up for the academic year ahead! Offer stationery items such as notebooks, pens, and planners to keep students organized and prepared for classes. Include tech gadgets like headphones, laptop sleeves, or USB drives to aid in their studies. Don’t forget to add healthy snacks or meal prep kits to fuel their brains during long study sessions.