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In this blog, we’re spotlighting our some of our fantastic brands on our platform, each playing a part in creating a future that’s both brighter and more collaborative. These brands are more than just products – they are paving the future of DTC.

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Threespirit is a plant-based beverage brand that offers innovative alcohol alternatives crafted with active ingredients and botanicals, focusing on enhancing mood and well-being while prioritizing sustainability and inclusivity.

Category: Food and Beverage

Values: Sustainability, innovation, mindfulness, integrity


Kencko is a plant-based nutrition brand dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle through convenient, freeze-dried instant smoothies, while also addressing food waste and environmental sustainability.

Category: Food and Beverage

Values: Sustainability, healthy living, innovation, transparency

Couplet Coffee

Couplet is a queer woman-owned specialty coffee company that prioritizes inclusivity and enjoyment over pretentiousness, offering delicious coffee for everyone to enjoy however they please.

Category: Food and Beverage

Values: Inclusivity, authenticity, accessibility, community


NATPAT is a family-centric brand crafting innovative stickers infused with the power of nature to support children’s well-being, offering a gentle and effective alternative to traditional remedies while prioritizing safety, quality, and sustainability.

Category: Health and Wellness

Values: Family-centricity, safety, quality, sustainability

Hux Health

HUX is a holistic health brand, dedicated to simplifying complex nutrition and inspiring individuals to optimize their well-being by finding their daily edge.

Category: Health and Wellness

Values: Simplification, honesty, balance, individualization


Soylent is a pioneering brand in the nutrition industry, and offers a diverse range of ready-to-drink shakes, powders, and bars, providing complete nutrition solutions for consumers worldwide.

Category: Food and Beverage

Values: Simplicity, sustainability, accessibility


RAIZE Cookies, born from a passion for both indulgence and well-being, offers delicious low-sugar, low-carb desserts crafted with care and culinary expertise, enabling dessert lovers to satisfy their cravings guilt-free.

Category: Food and Beverage

Values: Indulgence, health-consciousness, culinary expertise


E1011 Labs pioneers the next generation of flower consumption by combining ancient inhalation techniques with modern technology, delivering innovative, high-quality products with a focus on integrity, innovation, and sustainability.

Category: Health and Wellness

Values: Integrity, innovation, sustainability


ETHOSA is on a mission to revolutionize personal care and protect the planet, one waterless shower at a time, offering DIY wellness experiences with active ingredients, bespoke formulations, and sustainably designed products.

Category: Beauty and Personal Care

Values: Sustainability, transparency, effectiveness

Clean Circle

Clean Circle is a beauty brand founded on the principles of diversity, sustainability, and cultural homage, aiming to challenge beauty standards, reduce environmental impact, and foster community through skincare rituals.

Category: Beauty and Personal Care

Values: Diversity, sustainability, cultural homage, community, self-care

“The ShopSwap team has identified a huge hurdle for indie brands and have created an effective, inexpensive solution for us. They’re equalizing the playing field for women by providing tools to grow our business and our communities of like-minded founders.”


Juni is a sparkling tea brand crafted by Jay Shetty and Radhi Devlukia-Shetty, designed to ignite the spark within and enhance both mind and body with the best adaptogens and nootropics, embodying a commitment to happiness and well-being.

Category: Food and Beverage

Values: Mindful living, joy, inspiration, holistic well-being

Alice Mushrooms

Alice is a female-founded company offering decadent chocolate treats infused with the power of mushrooms, providing immediate cognitive boosts and long-term wellness benefits, while advocating for the potential of all mushrooms, including psilocybin.

Category: Food and Beverage

Values: Wellness, indulgence, advocacy

Springer Pets

Springer is a woman-owned company offering innovative solutions for dog owners, designed to enhance everyday routines with your pup and celebrate the joy of dog companionship.

Category: Pet Supplies

Values: Innovation, sustainability, effectiveness


Bonbuz is a woman-owned beverage company pioneering alcohol-free social spirits with adaptogenic science and mind-boosting nootropics, aiming to elevate everyday experiences while prioritizing health and well-being.

Category: Food and Beverage

Values: Innovation, well-being, inclusivity

Jibby Coffee

Jibby transforms your daily coffee or tea into a wellness ritual with added collagen, mushrooms, and superfoods, prioritizing sustainability through Fair Trade and Organic practices.

Category: Food and Beverage

Values: Wellness, sustainability, community

Two Drifters Distillery

Two Drifters Distillery, founded by husband and wife team Russ and Gemma Wakeham, merges their love for rum with a dedication to sustainability, crafting exceptional spirits inspired by their global adventures and rooted in their Devon home.

Category: Food and Beverage

Values: Innovation, sustainability, community

Iron & Velvet

Iron & Velvet provides plastic-free cleaning products in the form of refillable sachets, offering an eco-friendly solution that is tough on dirt while being gentle on the environment.

Category: Cleaning

Values: Sustainability, eco-friendliness, convenience


houseof specializes in creatively engineered lights and challenges the industry norm by prioritizing design, respect for people, and protection of the planet. 

Category: Home

Values: Creativity, sustainability, inclusivity

Juniper Ridge

Juniper Ridge handcrafts natural fragrance products inspired by the wild landscapes of the western United States, using sustainably harvested plants and traditional distillation techniques, to bring the restorative scents of the wilderness into everyday life.

Category: Fragrance

Values: Sustainability, authenticity, connection to nature


Craftmix offers health-conscious, conveniently sized cocktail mixers that taste delicious, aiming to revolutionize the pre-packaged cocktail market with its dedication to health, convenience, and great flavor. 

Category: Beverage/Food

Values: Health-consciousness, convenience, taste

Bask Suncare

Bask is dedicated to revolutionizing sun care with lightweight, non-oily, and environmentally friendly SPF formulas, driven by a mission to end skin cancer.

Category: Beauty and Personal Care

Values: Health, sustainability, prevention

One Green Bottle

One Green Bottle is dedicated to providing sustainable alternatives to single-use items, offering stainless steel bottles and lunchboxes free from harmful toxins and plastic packaging.

Category: Home

Values: Sustainability, health, environmental conservation

Dirty Labs

Dirty Labs is revolutionizing the cleaning industry by offering innovative, sustainable cleaning solutions rooted in green chemistry, led by a team committed to performance, safety, and environmental responsibility. 

Category: Cleaning products

Values: Sustainability, innovation, performance


SBTRCT is revolutionizing the skincare industry by offering high-performing, plastic-free, vegan skincare solutions that address environmental challenges such as plastic pollution, water scarcity, and palm oil reliance.

Category: Skincare

Values: Sustainability, innovation, cruelty-free, inclusivity


Goldmine crafts tasty and natural stress solutions, using adaptogens to support overall wellness, born from a desire to combat burnout and adrenal fatigue. 

Category: Wellness

Values: Natural solutions, accessibility, transparency, sustainability


JOI offers high-quality, clean label plant-based protein and milk alternatives, empowering individuals to take control of their dietary choices for a healthier lifestyle and a more sustainable planet. 

Category: Food & Beverage

Values: Empowerment, sustainability, quality