Viral Giveaways

Don't just settle for low-intent follows when running your giveaways. With ShopSwap's giveaways you can gather email addresses, phone numbers and more all whilst maximizing reach by leveraging multiple audiences through giveaway collabs.

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Configure your giveaway terms

Work with your partner to name your campaign, determine how long your campaign will be live for, how many winners you will have, and what products you’d like to include in your giveaway prize pool.


Configure your entry requirements

Work with your partner to determine how your customers can gain entries to the giveaway. Use the dropdowns for each platform below to incentivize participants to engage with your brands for extra entries!


Design your giveaway landing page

Use the editor below to customize your giveaway landing page and confirmation emails. You’ll share this landing page with your audience when the campaign goes live. It’s what they’ll interact with to enter your giveaway!


Design your campaign creatives

Collaborate with your partner on how you want to promote the giveaway. Share any post creative that you’re planning with your below, and click submit when you’re ready to launch!


Launch 🚀

Now that you’ve designed your landing pages and planned your campaign, it’s time to launch! Promote your giveaway landing page link wherever you have an audience and watch the leads roll in! Once live, We’ll keep track of all the entrants and you can pick a winner in the next task!


Draw Winner(s)

When you’re ready to draw your giveaway winner(s), click the button below! You can download a real-time report of all of the giveaway participants at any time too.