As Father’s Day approaches for Dad’s all over the world, brands are gearing up to show appreciation for dads everywhere! In anticipation of this special occasion, let’s rewind and revisit some of the most remarkable Father’s Day campaigns from the past. 

From touching tributes to creative promotions, these campaigns showcase the unique ways DTC brands connect with audiences on an emotional level.

Let’s get into it!

Dollar Shave Club’s Dad Bod Gift Set

Dollar Shave Club’s groundbreaking Dad Bod Gift Set campaign emerged as a refreshing take on Father’s Day gifting, recognizing the diverse needs and preferences of dads everywhere. With an inclusive approach, the campaign celebrated body positivity by showcasing men of all shapes and sizes in a groovy dance routine. 

Set to an original song “Dad Bod” the campaign emphasized self-confidence and embraced the uniqueness of every dad. Through this creative and playful initiative, Dollar Shave Club not only promoted its grooming products but also fostered a sense of inclusivity and acceptance among its audience.

Allbird’s Dad-Centric Segmentation

Allbirds, known for their eco-friendly footwear, took a unique approach by segmenting their website into different dad categories.

For the dad who’s always in better shape than you, they offer the Tree Dashers. For the dad-on-the-go, there are the Tree Runners, available in Mist and Jet Black. “The Dude” Dad can lounge comfortably in the Tree Loungers, offered in Navy Night, Mist, or Kaikoura White. And for the record-collecting dad, Allbirds provides curated gifts suited to his vinyl-loving heart. It’s a thoughtful and practical way to cater to the diverse interests and lifestyles of fathers everywhere.

Interior Secrets x Bellroy’s Generous Giveaway

Interior Secrets’ Father’s Day Giveaway raised the bar for gift-giving, presenting participants with a chance to win prizes worth over $5000. Partnering with Bellroy, they curated the ultimate gift package for Dad, which included the sumptuous Latasha armchair alongside an Interior Secrets gift voucher. 

This exclusive giveaway not only offered the opportunity to spoil Dad in style but also provided him with a chance to unwind and indulge in some much-needed relaxation!

Yeti x Uncle Matt’s Organic Juice’s Ultimate Father’s Day Weekend

Dad + a cooler = the ultimate Father’s Day weekend. This campaign didn’t just promise an ordinary gift; it offered an experience. Participants had the chance to win a coveted Yeti cooler coupled with a month’s supply of Uncle Matt’s Organic Juice, setting the stage for a memorable Father’s Day celebration. 

The promotion struck the perfect balance between practicality and indulgence, capturing the essence of what makes Father’s Day special – treating dad to something he’ll love and cherish!

Freshwater Brewing x Wild Forager x Wandering Sol’s Collab 

Freshwater Brewing partnered with Wild Forager and Wandering Sol for an exciting competition. Participants had the chance to win a Father’s Day hamper filled with goodies from these renowned brands, along with some delicious Freshie beers!

This collaboration brought together the best of local offerings, showcasing artisanal treats and refreshing beverages perfect for celebrating dad. With prizes tailored to delight any father figure, the campaign provided a unique opportunity for participants to win a curated selection of gifts that truly capture the essence of Father’s Day.