At ShopSwap, we take pride in fostering meaningful connections between brands that share a vision for innovation and impact.

We recently powered a remarkable collaboration between sofi and Three Spirit, and we’re excited to share the success story of how these two wellness-focused brands came together to create a campaign that resonated with their audience.


The Brands

Sofi is a renowned wellness brand known for its skill in creating natural formulas that improve sleep and encourage tranquility. With a focus on plant-based remedies, the brand utilizes the potency of botanicals – such as Valerian Root and Passiflora. Sofi is dedicated to providing transformative solutions for stress relief and sleep improvement through their plant-based products. They highlight the importance of high-quality sleep and cater to different aspects of well-being, including mood regulation and immune function.

Three Spirit is a pioneering brand that develops plant-based, non-alcoholic elixirs, with a focus on providing a mindful drinking experience without the negative side effects of alcohol. Their unique blend of botanical ingredients, like lion’s mane mushroom and yerba mate, not only taste great but also offer cognitive benefits and a mood boost. They aim to revolutionize social drinking by offering healthier alternatives that prioritize well-being, and allow individuals to enjoy the social aspect of drinking while making positive lifestyle choices.


The Campaign

The collaboration between sofi and Three Spirit brought a fresh perspective to the holiday season. By combining their expertise in natural formulations and non-alcoholic elixirs, they aimed to redefine how people approach holiday festivities. Their campaign highlighted the significance of maintaining a conscious and balanced approach to wellness, while still embracing the holiday spirit. 

Together, sofi and Three Spirit created an exclusive offer for their audience: sofi x Three Spirit gift bundles with a 15% discount already applied! Additionally, three fortunate winners had the opportunity to win a three-month supply of sofi and Three Spirit’s Get Up/Get Down bundle – all via an Instagram giveaway.

They also collaborated on a long-form content campaign, with blogs being posted about Rethinking Recovery and Where Botanicals and Wellness Meet.

ShopSwap Tools in Action

The partnership between sofi and Three Spirit was made possible thanks to our convenient brand matching and campaign creation tools, which played a vital role in bringing them together! 

By effortlessly identifying the shared values and objectives of both brands, ShopSwap’s algorithm paved the way for a collaboration focused on natural wellness. 

Additionally, our user-friendly tools empowered sofi and Three Spirit to design a customized landing page for their exclusive giveaway, where they could highlight their partnership, products, and the distinctive value they provided to their audience. They were also able to create social media posts that captured the attention of their followers and truly resonated with their target audience.

Value Generated

The partnership between sofi and Three Spirit was valuable in many ways. It not only boosted the visibility of both brands, attracting a larger audience interested in plant-based wellness, but it also fostered strong engagement and community building through an exclusive giveaway and Instagram campaign. 

By offering a 15% discount on the sofi x Three Spirit gift bundles, it drove higher sales and conversions, giving consumers an enticing incentive. 

And with a focus on promoting a conscious approach to wellness during the holiday season, it resonated positively with individuals who were looking for healthier alternatives, helping to improve consumer perception. The collaboration between the two brands further strengthened their shared commitment to plant-based wellness, creating a unified and captivating narrative.


Key Success Factors

The partnership between sofi and Three Spirit was a success due to their shared values and commitment to plant-based wellness. This connection was authentic and resonated with consumers seeking healthful alternatives during the holiday season. 

The authenticity of the partnership established a meaningful narrative and fostered trust, making the campaign more relatable and compelling. The collaborative efforts, driven by a sincere dedication to well-being, created a unique and genuine experience that significantly contributed to the campaign’s success.

Here are the hard stats:

  • 581 – Leads Generated 
  • 10k+ impressions
  • $3,421 saved from Meta
  • 60% increase in social following
  • Launched in less than a week


The collaboration between sofi and Three Spirit, with the support of ShopSwap, showcases the immense possibilities of strategic partnerships in the digital era. By bringing together brands that share similar values, we aim to foster more meaningful collaborations that not only showcase products but also enhance the well-being and awareness of consumers.

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