The birth of Leisurato stands as a testament to the dynamic partnership between Leisure Project and Couplet. This collaborative product not only captures the essence of both powerhouse DTC brands, but also marks a significant stride in crafting a seamless, versatile collaboration to inspire.

Understanding the Brands & The Product

Leisure Project Leisure Project is a line of ready to drink beverages enhanced with electrolytes, adaptogens and nootropics and Couplet is a queer women-owned specialty coffee brand who want to leave caffeine-snobbery behind. Both brands have unique, bold and colorful branding, coupled with a down-to-earth and friendly tone in their messaging – which made them great collaborators with a strong overlap in audiences who appreciate the no frills, all fun approach to beverages. 

Both brands teamed up to create the most refreshing caffeinated drink of the summer, Leisurato. It’s a citrusy twist on a classic Italian iced espresso drink, the Shakerato. In their own words, “it’s the most extra iced coffee you’ve ever tried in your life.”

In one click, customers could order the ingredients to make this delicious concoction including a 12-Pack of Leisure Lemonade and a 12oz Bag of Couplet’s Espresso for Everyone Blend.


Campaign Dynamics

Leisurato, the brainchild of Leisure Project and Couplet, epitomizes the intersection of both brands, highlighting their jovial brand ethos, tone of voice and creating a fun product for their fun-loving audiences.

Leisure Project and Couplet planned and managed their campaign without leaving the ShopSwap platform, keeping communication seamless through our campaign tools which make task allocation and approvals a total breeze.

Value Generated

The release of Leisurato sparked an immediate surge in interest, fostering heightened engagement across Leisure Project and Couplet’s social media accounts. Beyond mere curiosity, the collaboration translated into a significant uptick in engagement, demonstrating an epic response to this fusion. Leisurato not only piqued interest but also translated the excitement into sales, underscoring the product’s resonance with their audiences.

Key Success Factors

The success of Leisurato is rooted in the seamlessness of Leisure Project’s and Couplet’s pairing and the multiple channels in which this crossover was shared, across social media, email newsletters and as a giveaway.

This collaboration showcased a blend of unique attributes, resonating with a broader spectrum of consumers and highlighting a fresh approach to partnerships. The unified creation was such a big hit, it completely sold out.


In essence, Leisurato’s success emphasizes the potential of visionary partnerships, highlighting the power of shared brand voice, innovative products, and seamless collaboration in captivating audiences and creating co-branded products that cut through the noise.