Here at ShopSwap we’re proud of our ability to create meaningful connections between innovative and impactful brands! Recently, our platform played host to an extraordinary collaboration between four remarkable brands – Joi, Goldmine, Couplet, and Sonoma Syrup Co. Together, they organized an awe-inspiring joint giveaway and discount code campaign. This partnership serves as a shining testament to our commitment to nurturing connections that transcend conventional marketing, ensuring that brands’ audiences are treated to unforgettable experiences.

The Brands

Joi, a trailblazer in plant-based concentrates, was established by a group of people who all had one common objective: to produce top-notch, eco-friendly plant milk. Their products, which are packed with nutrients and have a clean label, truly showcase their dedication to revolutionizing how we consume and encouraging healthier lifestyles!

Goldmine, a wellness brand with a female founder, is dedicated to offering natural stress solutions. Their expertly crafted adaptogenic blends, developed in partnership with experienced herbalists, strive to alleviate stress, enhance energy levels, and promote overall well-being.

Couplet, a business owned by queer women and designed to cater to everyone, is dedicated to making specialty coffee more accessible. Their main focus is on providing incredibly tasty coffee without the snobbishness that is often associated with the specialty coffee industry!.

Sonoma Syrup Co. reflects the exceptional culinary tradition of the region, crafting high-quality, all-natural infused simple syrups, extracts, and bar mixers. Founded in 2002, their products are made with real fruit juice, botanicals, and pure cane sugar.

The Campaign

Through ShopSwap, Joi, Goldmine, Couplet, and Sonoma Syrup Co came together to create both a giveaway and a discount code campaign.

To enter their Lavender Latte Giveaway held on Instagram, all you had to do was follow each brand’s Instagram account, like and save the post, and tag a friend in the comments. This giveaway not only sparked engagement but also introduced their amazing products to a wider audience!

And that’s not all – these brands then took their collaboration a step further by launching the Latte Magic At Home discount code campaign. For a limited time, customers could use the code LATTELOVE to enjoy a fantastic 20% discount on products from Couplet Coffee, Goldmine, Sonoma Syrup Co., and JOI. This campaign not only boosted sales but also encouraged customers to explore and indulge in the unique offerings from each brand.

ShopSwap Tools in Action

This joint campaign’s success was made possible thanks to ShopSwap’s cutting-edge tools that make brand matching and campaign creation a breeze. Our platform pinpointed common values and goals, uniting these brands that not only shared product categories, but also shared a similar ethos!

Value Generated

In just one week, these campaigns created on ShopSwap delivered amazing outcomes! Collectively, they reached over 20,000 people and attracted 1,200 signups. Additionally, a meta-analysis revealed that the campaign saved $6,200, highlighting its cost-efficiency and impressive return on investment!

Key Success Factors

Joi, Goldmine, Couplet, and Sonoma Syrup Co. found tremendous success by embracing shared values and a dedication to promoting plant-based wellness! With the help of ShopSwap’s efficient brand matching and campaign creation tools, they effortlessly crafted captivating co-marketing campaigns that resonated with their audience.


The collaboration between Joi, Goldmine, Couplet, and Sonoma Syrup Co., facilitated by ShopSwap, exemplifies the power of strategic partnerships in the digital era. Our platform, serving as a hub for these connections, not only introduced these brands to each other but also played a pivotal role in creating a campaign!

At ShopSwap, we are dedicated to being the driving force behind collaborations that inspire innovation and elevate the world of DTC.