When it comes to partnerships, the joint giveaway campaign between Doughy, SkinnyDipped, and Soylent stands as a textbook demonstration of the power of unified efforts. 

Within this three-way partnership, these diverse yet complementary brands orchestrated a giveaway that not only resonated with their audiences and gave back to their loyal followers, but also wielded a considerable influence on both engagement and sales metrics.


Understanding the Brands

Doughy, SkinnyDipped, and Soylent possess distinct brand identities and products, but joined forces seamlessly in this collaborative venture. 

Doughy tantalizes taste buds with its heavenly baked goods, championing indulgence without compromise and a commitment to quality ingredients. SkinnyDipped redefines guilt-free snacking with its chocolate-dipped nuts, and Soylent revolutionizes meal replacement with convenient, nutritious drink options.


Campaign Dynamics

This joint Movie Night themed giveaway, strategically launched across the social platforms of all three brands, presented an enticing proposition for their audiences, where followers could enter to win a delicious and better-for-you vegan bundle to take their movie night snacks to the next level.

Participants engaged with each brand in order to enter into an exciting giveaway with even more exciting prizes. The aim of the campaign was an organic increase of awareness and reach, in the hopes that participants exploring one brand were seamlessly introduced to the others, facilitating a cross-pollination of audiences.


Value Generated

The collaborative giveaway sparked an enthusiastic response, igniting heightened engagement across Doughy, SkinnyDipped, and Soylent’s social media. 

Beyond the buzz, the joint effort wielded a notable impact on sales metrics, evidencing a substantial uptick in purchases for all participating brands. The collaboration not only fostered engagement, new followers and awareness but also translated into tangible sales growth, showcasing the impact of partnerships for these inspiring DTC brands.


Key Success Factors

The success of this collaboration was rooted in the resonance of brand values and the shared appeal among Doughy, SkinnyDipped, and Soylent. Each brand contributed its unique strengths, resonating with a broader spectrum of consumers and cultivating a sense of community within their respective audiences. This unified effort not only amplified engagement but also illustrated the role of partnerships in driving significant sales growth.



The joint campaign by Doughy, SkinnyDipped, and Soylent exemplifies the transformative potential of brand partnerships. Along with increased engagement, this collaborative effort yielded substantial growth, underscoring the impactful outcome of unified partnerships. 

From this successful partnership, we have seen how collaborations with more than two brands can sky-rocket growth and has influenced our multi-brand partnership feature, where ShopSwap users can partner with up to 4 brands in a single campaign.