At ShopSwap, we revel in the beauty of collaborations that transcend boundaries. 

The recent collaboration between Pink Moon and Clean Circle powered by ShopSwap, stands as a testament to the power of shared values and aligned missions in partnerships. This unique alliance, born and nurtured within our platform, unfolded into a campaign that not only resonated with their respective communities but also set a precedent in collaborative brand storytelling.


Understanding the Brands

Pink Moon and Clean Circle, two US-based brands, boast distinct yet complementary identities. 

Pink Moon intertwines ancient Eastern healing practices into self-care rituals, emphasizing accessibility, inclusivity, and eco-consciousness through their high-quality products. Their brand values include compassion, community, inclusivity, authenticity, and giving back to charitable causes.

Conversely, Clean Circle champions reducing beauty waste and safeguarding skin health, rooted in diversity, sustainability, and cultural homage. Their ethos aligns around cleanliness as a reset and a sense of collective well-being, fostering an inclusive community symbolized by the term “circle”.


Campaign Dynamics

Pink Moon and Clean Circle met on ShopSwap and were drawn together from their ShopSwap scores in the partner matching area of our platform. They were scored highly with their non-competitive products, shared core values and overlapping target audiences.

The collaboration, timed during Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) month, embraced a shared celebration of heritage. Amplified across both social media platforms, the campaign enticed customers with exclusive rewards based on purchasing tiers. 

This synergy not only honored Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, but also rewarded buyers with Clean Circle’s Cherry Blossom Konjac Sponge and Pink Moon’s ultra-cooling Lunar Rose Mist, fostering a sense of collective appreciation for their customers.


Value Generated

The campaign elicited an overwhelming response, igniting engagement across social media. This not only brought an increase in engagement and reach by both brands, but also brought awareness to AAPI month, celebrating the achievements and contributions of Asian and Pacific Americans. 

Beyond fostering enthusiasm among their existing customer base, this collaboration acted as a beacon, attracting new audiences intrigued by the confluence of Pink Moon and Clean Circle’s values. It delineated a new benchmark for mutually beneficial partnerships, driving brand loyalty and fostering inclusivity within their communities through storytelling and value-driven campaigns.


Key Success Factors

The resounding success of this collaboration stemmed from the convergence of shared values and a symbiotic audience between Pink Moon and Clean Circle. Their joint commitment to inclusivity, sustainability, and premium quality products resonated deeply, forging an emotional connection with their communities. 

By leveraging a unique opportunity, these brands harnessed the power of unity to amplify their impact, setting the tone for future collaborative ventures.



The Pink Moon and Clean Circle collaboration serves as an inspiring narrative, showcasing the potential of brand partnerships rooted in authenticity and shared values. This campaign not only celebrated AAPI heritage month and drew visibility to this event, but also represented the transformative power of value-aligned partnerships. 

As avid supporters of brand collaborations,  endeavoring to make it easier than ever to partner with like-minded brands, we anticipate witnessing more groundbreaking campaigns that transcend boundaries, forge connections, and leave a mark in the DTC space.