Get ready to catch up on all the latest DTC news that made waves in November! In this blog, we’re sharing all of the hottest updates and trends that you won’t want to miss. 

From fresh product launches to innovative marketing strategies, it’s clear that the industry has been buzzing with excitement.

Let’s jump in!

Veso and Evie Negri-Albert collabed

A unique collaboration between recipe developer Evie Negri-Albert and aperitif brand Veso brought forth a one-of-a-kind dry vermouth, tailored for enthusiasts of dirty martinis, negronis, or those who simply enjoy sipping it on the rocks.

After months of anticipation, the final product exceeded expectations – renowned as one of the best vermouths ever tasted (and it’s not just hype)!

The release was incredibly limited, with only 300 bottles in circulation, and it hit the shelves on December 5th. Vermouth enthusiasts were invited to join a waitlist to gain exclusive early access to the launch, and needless to say, the bottles flew off the shelves in no time!

Hooch Booch and Generous Coffee Co. teamed up

Hooch Booch and Generous Coffee Co. collaborated to create their Espresso Martini Hard Kombucha!

This collaboration was an exciting one that not only satisfied taste buds but also made a positive impact on communities worldwide. 

Generous Coffee’s mission to bring about positive change was evident as they donated 100% of their profits to communities in need. During this collaboration, all profits from the Hooch Booch x Generous Coffee Espresso Martini were directed towards the Women’s Global Empowerment Fund, allowing enthusiasts to sip with purpose and contribute to a global cause!

Mars acquired Hotel Chocolat

Mars, the global confectionery giant, has recently made headlines with its plans to acquire Britain’s beloved chocolatier, Hotel Chocolat, in a groundbreaking deal worth an astonishing £662 million. 

The announcement, made on November 16, 2023, has sent shockwaves through the chocolate industry, signaling a significant shift in the market landscape. 

We predict it’s going to be a game-changer for both Mars and the renowned chocolatier! This strategic move in the chocolate industry will not only bring significant profits to the founders – but also pave the way for substantial development for both companies.

Flamingo Estate partnered with Matt Morris

Flamingo Estate’s partnership with winemaker Matt Morris began when their paths crossed at a dinner where Matt introduced an extraordinary Red Wine that he had created in collaboration with renowned vintner Françoise Peschon. This unique wine was crafted from rare Charbono grapes, which are only found in a few acres in North America today, and left Flamingo Estate completely amazed!

Inspired by its excellence, they proposed the idea of producing a limited quantity of this exceptional Red Wine for Thanksgiving and Holiday gift sets. The result of this collaboration is the highly acclaimed FULL MOON Red Wine – now hailed as the finest red ever tasted.

Krista & Bryce Horton launched a cocktail brand

Power couple Krista and Bryce Horton have bought us a collection of canned cocktails, showcasing the delightful essence of coconut rum! 

Crafted with authentic distilled rum from Florida Caribbean Distillers, these invigorating drinks are infused with the tropical allure of coconut.

Choose from a lineup featuring Diet Kola, Pineapple Soda, and Lime Soda, tailored for any social occasion or gathering. Exclusively offered in a convenient 12-can Party Pack, these cocktails provide an effortless way to savor the indulgent taste of coconut rum.