Looking back at 2023, a year filled with groundbreaking ideas and imaginative approaches in the DTC world, we can’t help but revisit some of the most remarkable marketing campaigns!

From revolutionary product releases to captivating brand stories, in this blog we’re presenting a handpicked collection of the exceptional marketing tactics that left a lasting impact throughout the year. 

Join us in rewinding the clock and let’s relive the highlights together!

Surreal Hilarious ‘Celebrity’ Endorsements

Surreal cereal caused quite a commotion with its unconventional billboard campaign featuring regular people who shared names with famous celebrities. Instead of using the actual stars, Surreal cleverly hired everyday individuals to enjoy their healthy cereals!

The billboards had a playful twist, with asterisks revealing that “Serena Williams” was actually a student from London who loved the cereal, “Michael Jordan” was a cereal enthusiast from St. Alban’s, and “Dwayne Johnson” belonged to a bus driver in London. 

Despite the cheeky deception, social media was buzzing with praise for Surreal’s bold advertising approach! People couldn’t help but discuss the effectiveness of celebrity endorsements and speculate on who approved such a creative and legally intriguing campaign…

When Vimto became Vimpto

We all have that one friend who says “Vimpto” instead of “Vimto” – and let’s be honest, most of us are guilty of it too! Well, Vimto decided to have a little fun with this and came up with a clever out-of-home campaign. They put up a billboard with the name spelled as “Vimpto” and added a tagline that said, “Changing our name to Vimpto… seeing as you all pronounce it that way.” 

People couldn’t help but share it on social media, sparking a debate about how the drink is actually pronounced. Some felt called out for adding the extra ‘p’, while others insisted it’s pronounced without it. While some thought Vimto was actually changing its name, it turned out to be just a clever stunt. But hey, it definitely got people talking!

The campaign generated a lot of buzz online, on social media, and even in the press. It’s a great example of how a brand can tap into consumer debates and use them to promote their campaign. We absolutely loved it!

Heinz’s Tattoo Stencils

Heinz recently surprised its loyal ketchup fans with a fun and creative idea – a limited-edition bottle that doubled as a tattoo stencil. This unique campaign aimed to honor the dedication of fans who had already inked themselves with Heinz-inspired tattoos, forever marking their love for the brand.

Recognizing the global community of Heinz tattoo enthusiasts, the brand stated, “When we discovered that there were people all around the world with Heinz tattoos, we couldn’t ignore their commitment.” To make it even more special, only 100 lucky winners had the opportunity to get their hands on these exclusive peelable labels.

This campaign not only celebrated the passionate love for Heinz but also turned it into a fun and unforgettable experience for the fortunate few who managed to snag these unique labels!

The Heineken Choice 

Gene tests have taken a flavorful turn, courtesy of Heineken and geneticist Andrew Shelling. In a unique initiative called ‘The Heineken Choice,’ beer enthusiasts got to merge their love for hops with science!

Utilizing a PTC test to detect sensitivity to strong flavors, participants discovered the science behind their beer preferences. Placing the test on the tongue for 15 seconds revealed intriguing results: those tasting nothing likely favored the original Heineken beer, while those experiencing bitterness found a match in Heineken Silver.

Best of all, these kits were available free of charge at selected bars in Auckland, New Zealand, adding a touch of scientific flair to the beer-tasting experience. Cheers to Heineken for blending flavor and science!

The Skims Nipple Bra

Skims, the well-known shapewear brand owned by everyone’s favourite Kardashian sister, unveiled an… interesting version of their Ultimate Bra earlier this year. The decision to revamp the design came after a significant realization at Skims HQ – global warming affects more than just the ice caps!

In response to the challenges posed by a warming world, where achieving a braless look becomes increasingly challenging, Skims introduced the Ultimate Bra 2.0. This innovative design includes faux nipples, ensuring that wearers can maintain a cool and confident appearance no matter how hot it gets. 

Not only did Skims come up with a creative solution to the global warming crisis, but they also made a positive impact by donating a portion of their sales to 1% for the Planet. This international organization brings together businesses that contribute at least 1% of their revenue to environmental causes!

The ‘Oladupe’

Haircare giant Olaplex turned the tables on TikTok’s dupe craze, where their brand was frequently imitated. With the hashtag #olaplexdupe amassing over 30.4MM views, Olaplex seized the opportunity for a cheeky surprise.

Introducing ‘Oladupé,’ a fictitious product resembling their renowned No. 3 Hair Perfector! Through an engaging unboxing campaign with 700 influencers, including the likes of Lelani Green and Taylor Madison, Olaplex generated over 400 posts and 21.9MM views of #Oladupe.

But here’s the twist! Customers who eagerly visited oladupe.com were pleasantly surprised with a 20% discount on the actual No. 3 Hair Perfector, cleverly disguised as Oladupé. Olaplex, known for their groundbreaking bond-building technology, showcased their unmatched status by proving that their products cannot be duplicated. They reminded consumers that while imitation may be flattering, Olaplex remains the ultimate choice for quality and innovation.