2024 is now in full swing, and there have already been some incredible brand partnerships. From ice cream flavors, to dry Jan inspo and from Veganuary inspired collaborations to exciting giveaways, here are some of our highlights!

Uncle Nearest x Jeni’s

Uncle Nearest, a whiskey brand, and Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams have joined forces to create a fresh and exciting Hot Toddy sorbet flavor. This collaboration brings together the distinct taste of Uncle Nearest whiskey and Jeni’s mastery in making scrumptious ice creams!

Klarbrunn x Lupii

Klarbrunn, a delicious sparkling water brand, and Lupii, experts in pasta and protein bars, joined forces to introduce an super-snacking giveaway! One lucky winner had the opportunity to receive a box of Lupii Bars and refreshing Klarbrunn Sparkling Water – to create a healthier, happier lifestyle in 2024.

Whey Better Chocolate x Beanies Coffee

WheyBetter Chocolate and Beanies Coffee joined forces for the ultimate giveaway, perfectly crafted to complement any New Year’s resolution and beat those ‘January Blues’! One lucky winner had the chance to snag some WheyBetter protein milk chocolate bars and some of Beanies’ Best-Selling Jars.

Simple Times Mixers x Abstinence Spirits

Simple Times Mixers and Abstinence Spirits joined forces to create a delightful winter mocktail combo that promised to elevate non-alcoholic drinks at the start of the New Year. One lucky winner had the opportunity to receive a couple Simple Times Mixers Pomegranate Mules and an Abstinence Spirits Cape Spice Bottle!

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