Welcome to the future of DTC beauty, where diversity and accessibility are at the forefront! 

In this blog, we’re diving into the realm of the most innovative beauty brands that are championing diversity and rewriting the rules of the industry. These brands are more than just cosmetics; they’re a movement, embracing every skin tone, ability, and identity with open arms.

Let’s get started!

Black Girl Sunscreen

Black Girl Sunscreen is a brand designed with black skin and darker skin tones in mind, offering an innovative solution to the common sunscreen dilemma – the dreaded white cast.

The brand is all about celebrating the diverse spectrum of beauty, empowering everyone to enjoy the sunshine without compromise! With their specialized formulations, there’s no more need to worry about that ashy or ghostly appearance. Instead, Black Girl Sunscreen provides a sheer, protective layer and allows your natural radiance to shine through, no matter your skin tone.

Fenty Beauty

Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty is a brand that has redefined the beauty game with its unparalleled commitment to inclusivity. From day one, they set a new standard by offering a wide range of foundation shades for every skin tone! 

This groundbreaking move challenged the beauty industry’s status quo and created a space where everyone could find their perfect match. Fenty Beauty’s dedication to celebrating individuality and promoting diversity  makes it more than just a makeup brand; it’s a game-changer.

Jessica Blac

Jecca Blac is a gender-inclusive makeup brand that promotes inclusivity and provides a safe space for all makeup enthusiasts, regardless of who they identify as! Founded by Jessica Blackler, the brand started as a safe space studio for transgender women and people at the beginning of their makeup journey who wished to learn about makeup application in a welcoming, judgement free environment.

This inspired Jessica to develop her own range of user friendly, cruelty free makeup solutions which consider the needs of ALL makeup wearers – and the rest is history.

Rare Beauty

Rare Beauty, led by Selena Gomez, are on a mission to empower everyone to feel beautiful, regardless of their abilities. Their commitment to making beauty accessible to all, is evident in their thoughtful product design. From user-friendly packaging that accommodates limited hand mobility to clear, tactile labels for those with visual impairments, Rare Beauty goes the extra mile to ensure that everyone can enjoy their products!

This dedication to inclusivity extends beyond cosmetics, as they embrace the idea that beauty knows no boundaries, and their mission is to empower individuals, regardless of their abilities, to feel beautiful and confident.