Just when you thought managing partnerships with ShopSwap couldn’t get any better, we’ve upped the game by introducing four exciting features that are set to supercharge your co-marketing campaigns…

These new tools are all about making the process of connecting with brands, launching campaigns, and expanding your reach more straightforward and more rewarding than ever before!

If you’re eager to find out how you can take your campaigns to new heights, stay with us as we explore these game-changing innovations. Let’s dive in!

Brand Scores

Starting at the very beginning, we’ve revolutionised the way you find your perfect brand match with our unique Brand Scoring system, an algorithm that rates brands on a scale of 1 to 10 based on their compatibility with your vision. 

The higher the score = the better the match, making it easier than ever for you to form meaningful partnerships!

Discount Code Partnership creation tools

You now have access to all of the tools necessary to make setting up a Discount Code Partnership Campaign a breeze! Once you’ve matched with your ideal partner, you can create your campaign together by accessing the ‘Discount Code Partnership Active Campaign’ section. 

There, you can customize your landing page and outreach emails with product images, descriptions, prices, and other branding elements!

You can also stay connected with your partner through our chat feature, track your campaign performance in real time, and rest assured knowing we ensure GDPR compliance for data handling and lead generation.

Campaign Broadcasts

With Campaign Broadcasts, you can send out a mass message inviting brands to join a partnership with you – no matches required.

This is a great feature for seasonal campaigns like Back to School, Halloween, Black Friday, and other occasions where you have a campaign in mind but are open to the types of brands you’d like to collaborate with!

Simply list a partnership idea that you have, select the type of campaign it is, give it a description, propose a launch date, and wait for brands to apply to join.

Multi-Brand Campaigns

With our new Multi-Brand Campaign feature, you can collaborate with up to 5 brands in a single campaign!

Multi-Brand Campaigns are a fantastic way to multiply the reach of the campaign, and it’s now easier to get one started than ever before.

To get going, head to Partner Matching, hit ‘Request Partnership’ as usual, then select the ‘Custom Campaign’ option, turn on ‘Multi-Brand Campaign’ and invite all of the brands you’re interested in partnering with!

Ready to explore these exciting new features? Sign in to shopswap.com and let’s make your brand partnerships truly extraordinary!