Take care of all of your brands' co-marketing from one place

Are you an DTC marketing agency or owner of several brands? On Shopswap you can take care of all your brands co-marketing needs with a single login, for free.

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Here is how our agency/multi-brand program works


Create your agency/multi-brand account

When you signup, select agency/multi-brand account. You’ll need to select the number of brands you want to onboard and sign them up individually. This will allow you to have a clear view of how each of the brands you manage can match with the other brands in the network.


Onboard your brands

Once you’ve signed up each of the brands, make sure to complete onboarding so that our algorithm can assign a ShopSwap Score to every one of your brands. This will ensure that your brands match with the most relevant partners possible.


Manage them all under one account

Take control of your brands with independent views, scores and tasks. Be notified whenever you have a certain request to turbocharge all your co-marketing campaigns.


Reap the rewards

As an agency, you’ll be part of our directory of select partners where we distribute this list to the brands on our platform, include marketing material in our newsletter, and direct recommendations for brands in our network. Reap all the rewards by joining the Shopswap fam. Let’s grow better, together!

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